Green Jeans Studio - Wellington, KS
GreenJeans Studios
110 W. Harvey Avenue, Suite 2
Wellington, KS 67152
620-326-5326 (JEAN)
GreenJeans Studios - Recording - Mixing - Mastering - Production - HD recording studio, music production facility and mastering lab Wichita, Kansas KS area
Mastering: Now is the best time to take advantage of our newly acquired Mastering lab. Guaranteed to give your recording that elusive "big radio" sound with all the clarity, depth, and loudness you need to ensure your recording holds up against all others. This service comes standard with all GreenJeans productions. Or, bring in your home-recorded tracks for the pro treatment. We welcome all styles and formats.

Songwriters: Need instrumentation behind your lyrics and/or melodies? That's a large part of what we do here at GreenJeans. Carter plays 19 different instruments and can play any style you need to bring your vision to life. The best part is, there's no extra charge!
It all falls under the same flat studio rate. Use of all instruments & equipment is included.

On-Location Recording: Our mobile services can provide up to 18 simultaneous tracks recorded in any location, and then bring them back to mix in full HD here in the studio. Music videos, Soundtracks, and Sound-for-Picture are no problem. All in perfect sync.

Commercials & Jingles: Custom jingles, voice-overs, and radio spots are all handled with ease completely in-house at GreenJeans. We've provided countless enterprises with ear-catching sound and lively announcers to make your message rise above the background noise of others' bland marketing. All at extremely competetive rates.

Scoring, Soundtracks, & Sound for Picture: Carter has scored numerous shorts, trailers, and feature-length films. Everything from gritty, organic tones to full orchestral scores can be synced to picture with frame accuracy. We can even improve any VO or FX track for maximum punch and clarity. Our massive sound library and synthesis engine can get you any sound imaginable.
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